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January 8, 2014 -
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hey all! Happy Wednesday! It’s a little bit warmer today so I may not need as many layers as yesterday..


loving my Under Armour Snowsport Knee Socks – they go great under boots for an extra layer of warmth! I posted this pic to Instagram last night and the socks were a hit! I mean, who does’t love some multi-colored printed knee socks? ;]

Totally worth braving the cold to see my Power Hour GNC Peeps CRUSH the workout! It’s been two weeks since we’ve had a class and they definitely dusted the Christmas Cobwebs off! And yes, this is a usual pose that mamacakes would capture on the first days of school while growing up.

I give kudos to anyone who had to be outside yesterday – I was sending warm thoughts your way all day!

After a cold day I had a nice warm conversation last night with a friend of mine. This articular girlfriend of mine and I always have the most amazing phone chats. She is one of those friends wherever you can literally talk about anything and be 100% honest with each other.

After our conversation – I came across this image from Gabby Bernstein and it went perfectly with our chat.

So don’t get me wrong – I am all about making positive changes in the world but this quote went along with the whole power of a thought. 

My friend and I talked about how most of the time we are going through a hard time – we are our own worst critics. So often we make stories up in our heads that either A) Haven’t even happened yet. or B) We make the story bigger than it actually is.

She’s been dealt a rough deck of cards these last couple of months and was letting these situations take away some of her happiness.

Let me tell you – this girl is FULL of love, light, & positivity. But, these speed bumps in her road were dampening her gift that she can share with others.

I honestly told her that SHE is the one who has to make the change. SHE is the one who has to change these negative thoughts into more positive ones.

I gave her advice to look in the mirror & tell herself – IT’S OKAY to be feeling this way.

The more we fight the feelings we are trying to feel (especially negative ones) the more they consume us because we are resisting them.

I think one of the most difficult things that we deal with in a hard situation is actually ALLOWING ourselves to feel how we feel.

We’ve almost been conditioned to think that it’s a “weakness” to be upset or be struggling.

I gave her advice to look in the mirror and say to herself – “It’s OKAY to feel like I do right now. I’ve been going through a hard time and it hasn’t been easy. BUT it’s up to me to not let these negative thoughts consume me.” 

With the Gabby quote above, it’s so true… say for example WE are the world, right? So often we think we have to change ourselves 100% and that can be a scary thought.

I asked my friend to take it day by day and step by step…making SMALL challenges each day to change her negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed with taking on a big situation (aka YOU – the world) start with your thoughts. 

It’s changing the way you see your healing process. It doesn’t have to be a HUGE overhaul in one day – why not start with small challenges? 

Look in the mirror, say it’s okay to be feeling this way, and MAKE the promise to yourself to see things differently.

If you look at a situation and instantly think a negative thought – chances are it’s going to feel negative.

IF you look at a hard situation with a more positive thought – chances are it’s going to be a more positive situation. And even if it’s tough or a hard battle – you may get through it with more ease if you find a positive in each moment.

We are our own worst enemies sometimes & it’s up to us to start this positive change from within.

If you’re going through a rough time or struggle with some negative thoughts – I hope this story helps you realize that you are not alone.

Together we can empower each other to see the world differently. You may start seeing a positive in every moment that may have been missed if we were too busy focusing on the negative.

I hope you have a great Wednesday & work on some positive thinking!


xo Kasey

What is one of your favorite quotes to stay positive?


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