“PowerSmoothie” & New POWERCircuit Workout!

June 16, 2012 -
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hi all! Winking smile
I wanted to start off this post with a little Fitness
before I move into the food!

This is a great POWERCIRCUIT
to target that booty & those hammies!


First: lay on an incline bench (making sure to hold on to the seat for safety!)
Swing your legs straight up using your lower back,
glutes, & keeping those legs right!
(set of 10-15)

Second: single leg dead lifts-
I bent my knee slightly & did low pulses without bringing the weight past my knees!
This really digs into those hammies!
I was holding 25lb dumbbells, but use whatever weight you feel comfortable with!
(set of 10-15 each leg)

Third: back on the incline bench for toe touch bench swings,
point knees out to the sides & tough your toes together,
next, pulse up using your glutes & keeping everything nice & tight!
This will target all different parts of your backside!
(set of 10-15)

REPEAT the whole circuit 3-5 times!

This is a great way to incorporate circuits into your leg workouts!



I love blending fruit, protein powder,
healthy fats (flax, chia seeds, nut butters, coconut oil)
& spinach into my POWERSMOOTHIES!

Especially after a workout to REFUEL
my muscles with healthy carbs & protein!!

After lifting, the fruit will actually help the protein
get to your muscles faster! Winking smile

Each day I think I come up with something different,
but some of my favorite creations are;

Apple Pie

or a Coconut Mango PowerBerry Smoothie


You could also add some POWERFUSION
all natural whey protein powder into your POWERSMOOTHIES!


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with the PWRCK01 promo code on

What is your favorite

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