#plantPOWER: Let’s Talk FAT.

October 21, 2012 -
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Let’s talk Fat.

Yup, I said it.


Maybe it should stand for F EAR A LL T HINGS that refer to the word FAT.

Because FAT makes you FAT right?


This word doesn’t really roll off the tongue for most people.

Now what if I throw in the word HEALTHY.

Fat + Healthy? Most people wouldn’t associate those words together.

Most usually combine FAT with UNHEALTHY.

Well guess what – I’m here to tell you that FAT doesn’t make you FAT.
The right kind of HEALTHY FAT that is.

I want to help you stop FEARING THE FAT – for good!
Or at least for the next few minutes as you read this post Winking smile

Okay, so I like my capital letters to prove a point.

I did a video once to talk about how I challenged myself to up my FAT intake.

Because I used to FEAR THE FAT.

I always assumed that FAT would make me OVER WEIGHT.
But I really upped my fats before my
last competition
& found that my body was loving that I was nourishing it, finally!

You can also find my pros & cons of competing here.

One of the PROS was I learned to NOT FEAR THE FAT.

Now when it comes to healthy fats
too much of anything is not really a good thing.

For example, I try really hard to now sit down and eat a whole jar of nut butter.
Although, it is super duper tempting.

I personally try to have a healthy fat at every meal,
minus after a work out- where I focus on protein & clean carbs
to rebuild & repair my muscles quicker since they are quicker to digest than fats.

My point here is to tell you that healthy Fats are ESSENTIAL to our bodies!
But everything in moderation as well!

I’ll let Heather explain why…

“In our culture, we are taught to fear fat. Plain and simple.
We are taught the following: eat fat –> get fat –> be miserable.
This is a LIE! The way we get “fat” (i.e. unhealthy) is from eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods.
Plant-based fats are an essential macronutrient for our bodies.
It cushions (protects) our cells and is essential for us to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.
It gives us energy and plays a key role in giving us healthy skin, hair, and nails.”

Heather & I are super passionate about this topic.

I teach this to my students when I teach.
I always start off by asking “Who in here thinks FATS are bad for them?”

About 99% of the students raise their hands
& have no idea why they are bad OR good for them.

They just all associate Fat with Fat.
And we all know that as women & men, we fear the word fat.

Especially when I was in high school, when appearance was one of the only things I cared about.
that’s a whole other vlog/topic.

Here are some HEALTHY FATS that we posted about
in our examples of Plant Based Foods!

I don’t think a day goes by where I’m not eating avocados on my powerbowl
with mung bean sprouts, raw veggies galore,
lentils, & hemp seeds!

Or my Creamy Tahini & Nooch Sauce!

that has 19 g of PROTEIN!!
24 was the total of the whole SALAD.
I also mixed it with raw saukerkraut to pour over my salad
of clean
carbs (kabocha squash) & veggies!

Or cooking with coconut oil!
I get it on
feel free to use my coupon code XUG228 for a discount on first orders!

Speaking of fats, our fine friends at Almond Breeze

The amazing Blue Diamond Almond Breeze team is gifting
THREE of you with two coupons for free almond milk!
I know that almond milk is a staple in many of our #plantPOWEREed lifestyles
& can be totally used in many of our recipes!


How to enter?

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