OBX lovin’ #FitFluential Style

July 31, 2012 -
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hey all!
So as most of you know, last week I was on vacation
with my bittie (best friend) sarah!
We were at the Outer Banks of North Carolina –
I’m possibly obsessed with it there.

I , of course, documented the whole trip
through my pictures
& on instagram!

Through pictures, our trip basically consisted of;

*6am morning runs followed by #powersmoothies made at our house post run
& #powerbreakfasts at the local diner! Lots of omelets with veggies!

*bittie boot camp workouts on the beach!
(I will be posting our beach boot camp workout video soon)
Who says you can’t bring kettlebell’s & free weights onto the sand? Winking smile

*After our workouts; we’d shower up, eat a #powermeal,
& then head to the beach!

*Sometimes it was so hot that we ended up on our deck…sweating to death.

*Then we we would head to dinner!
I’m telling you, it was so easy to eat clean on vaca!
Every place we went to, I would basically make a few modifications
to a salad & add some fresh sea food on top!

Pictured above was a kale #powerbowl from lunch,
a #powersnack of cherries, pepitas, & banana post workout,
& an AMAZING salad of spinach, goat cheese, cranberries, & salmon!

*If you’re ever in the OBX area you’ve got to try the Bad Bean Baja Grill!

with a side of gluten free chips!
Then I ordered a salad with jicama, veggies, corn chips, fresh fish,
& a side of salsa & guac instead of dressing.

*One night it rained like crazyyy;
so we picked up some fresh scallops & shrimp
and made our own #powermeals!
We also got to witness a pretty amazing rainbow!

*I ,of course, brought my GNC VITAPACKS
(an all vegetarian based vitamin pack that I’ve been loving!)
Thank youuuu GNC for sending me this amazing product.
It was perfect for my on the go eating!

*Side note: Mama O totally wore her slippers out to dinner accidently;
#comfortbeforefashion Winking smile

*2 nights of meals; one restaurant had a build your own salad
which is basically music to my ears!

I loaded up with veggies, olives, sunflower seeds, & shrimp!
Bottom pic was a greek salad with seared salmon!

*We also went to a good diner called The Ships Wheel;
where bittie loaded up on pancakes as big as our heads!
And I loaded up on a huge veggie & crab meat suffed omelet!

*Every day at the beach we ate huge #powerbowls
on the beach!
In the beginning of the week, we hit up the local grocery store
to get a week’s worth of our favorite foods!
Basically a bunch of veggies, nuts, seeds, eggs, coconut milk, etc.

*My favorite combo was kale, raw veggies,
avocados, watermelon, & pepitas!

#proof of our #powerbowls on the beach!


*One of my favorite snack foods were these Mary’s Gone Crackers
that were Gluten free! Check out those clean ingredients;
4 grams of protein & fiber!

*one day our friends made an awesome octopus in the sand.

*lots of bittie book reading on the beach.

*nothing better than this view every day.

*we also had some time to strike a few poses on the beach.

*We obvi had to buy matching polo hats
to be on Papa O’s level! Winking smile

by the time 9pm hit; we were spent!
Our nightly routine consisted of…


*wonky buns & glasses

*brown rice cakes topped with coconut oil, VEGA protein powder fluff
(powder mixed with water until desired consistency)
& a sprinkle of raw trail mix!

* I always finished the night with a hot green tea with stevia & lemon
and sarah’s mom liked hers with a little sugar!

Perfect way to relax at the end of the day!




& everyday should be a #bittie day.

*Couldn’t ask for a better week with my best friend & her family!

In the end, it wasn’t hard at all to eat clean but still enjoy my meals
along with getting a good workout in every day!

Have you enjoyed a vacation lately?
I’d love to hear about it! Red heart

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