My weekend of NOW.

November 18, 2012 -
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Happy Sunday All!

My to do list today:
relax, watch football, look up recipes for thanksgiving, stay in slippers all day, &
drink this amazing new coffee I bought down town over the weekend
while spending some time with my girlfriends!

It’s called Light Up Night & it helped with getting into the holiday spirit!



Chocolate cinnamon swirl & Tiramisu!


If you saw my Instagram post on friday, I took a mental/physical health day.

Sometimes in life we are so used to a lifestyle of “go go go” that we hardly live in the moment.
I have to say that lately my mind has been 10 steps ahead of my body.
I’ve found myself thinking what I need to be doing minutes, days, even weeks from now-
instead of living in the NOW.

I felt run down and have been suffering from headaches all week.
Thank God for my family & boyfriend who have given me the greatest advice-
“never feel guilty about slowing down or just sitting and doing nothing today.
You are so used to living a very busy lifestyle that you may be neglecting yourself.”

It’s exactly what I needed to hear.

I went to bed Thursday night with a headache and woke up with a headache,
So Friday I slept for a few more hours, relaxed in my slippers with my favorite comfy blanket,
& some sugar cookie sleigh ride tea with the mug that reads
“family is God’s way of surrounding us with love.”

So the rest of the weekend I spent with family & friends to Beat Stress.

Woke up well rested Saturday morning & attended a Hot Yoga Class with a friend of mine.
I forgot how much I love the feeling after a great yoga session.

This is something I want to continue doing and something I definitely needed this weekend.

After Yoga, we went to starbucks to catch up & I refueled with some kombucha & oats!

After our amazing time together,
I went home and made a huge power smoothie to get in my protein!


After spending the afternoon at a friend’s jewelry party,
I came home & had a huge powerbowl of my favorites!

Kale, raw veggies, KABOCHA squash,
sundried tomatoes, & Creamy Tahini & Nooch Sauce!!

Then I took a much needed nap –
I love my powernaps & totally embrace them.


I also embrace my huge college hoodies, leggins, & slippers.

I woke up to some familiar voices coming from the kitchen.
My Godfather & his wife came over along with my brother & his fiancé!

Papacakes & Mamacakes made some
homemade spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash,
grassfed beef meatballs & some roasted broccoli.


I had the sauce served over spaghetti squash with
some black beans, broccoli, & side of organic red wine.

Yes, we’re Italian & like our red wine with home made spaghetti sauce.


Totally snapped a mid-dinner pic of the fam #sorrynotsorry


After hours of relaxing & talking; ended the night with a red velvet & coconut sparkle cake!
Not gluten free – but I totally was snacking on the coconut that fell off of the knife from cutting.

Woke up this morning & tasted the MOST AMAZING HEALTHY BITES EVER!
Thanks to my girl Lindsay – she sent me amazing samples to try!



*Cinnamon sugar cookie, Apple coconut Rum,
Pumpkin spice chocolate chip, & peppermint mocha protein!

The apple coconut rum is AMAZING!
they all are – but started my morning with my
apple pie cleanser & one of these bad boys!

you can find them
and e-mail Lindsay at

So today I’m going to relax, catch up on some computer work,
& resting up to start this week off on the right foot!

Possibly take a walk with mamacakes to enjoy the sunshine as well!

I will be relaxed, rejuvenated, & ready to take on the week!

So do yourself a favor & remember YOU not just today, but everyday.


Red heart

Do you find that you think 10 steps ahead of the NOW?

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