My First Competition

March 24, 2012 -
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Hi all! So if you missed my last post
– it’s an update on how my Presentation went the other night
with my mom on “Health Eating & Fitness Tips” !

Today I’m speaking at a local Event on “Healthy Eating for Kids!”
So thankful for these opportunities lately! Winking smile

Along with speaking today, I’m in my FINAL DAY before my Competition tomorrow!!
Honestly, I don’t do anything crazy. 

Actually, this morning I made a pumpkin coconut flour POWERCAKE
with some coconut oil on top.
It is the perfect size & I wanted to have a good breakfast packed
with protein, healthy carbs, & healthy fats to start my day!

Not the “cookie cutter way” to eat the day before a competition but it WORKS for MY BODY!

Remember, every body is different and why change something if it has been working this whole time?

Along with a trail mix made up of walnuts and some dried organic fruit for the day of the show!
-it’s my GO TO snack for competition days!
Healthy fats & dried fruits to keep my blood sugar stable & give me energy without filling me up too much!

I’m also not cutting water, I think it’s good to keep flushing out everything before the big day!
Tomorrow I won’t drink AS much just to refrain from a bloated belly!
But today I still want to stay hydrated & flush out those toxins!

Again, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it Winking smile

So I wanted to give you a little recap of my FIRST show ever exactly a year ago!

I will do a whole post on how my process was way different this time around
but for now, just wanted to share some pictures!







Tired & greasy at the end of the LONGGG day!
but obvi had to get a pic with the trophies! Smile
I placed second in my height class!

I’m super excited for it and I can’t wait to share with you the experience!

I think I’ve progressed a lot since the last show!

I plan on taking video’s of my day so you can see how it all works!

Enjoy your day!!

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