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May 28, 2013 -
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Today is challenge THREE of the #whatsbeautiful campaign that I am working on with FitFluential & Under Armour Women.


Don’t forget that you can still join in! Details are [here]

& you can join TEAM TRUE TO YOU [here].

On the website, Under Armour has 6 challenges for the team to complete!

Today I am highlighting What’s Beauty?


The other day I had a beautiful moment. I was sent some awesome Under Armour gear to rock during this campaign (thank you UA!) & I saw another FitFluential Ambassador take a picture in her tank with the reflection in the mirror. I thought, OH! This is a great way to show the awesome back detail of the tank along with the UA symbol. So I went into the bathroom & started snapping away – I have done these “back shots” before but haven’t in a while & was really just focused on taking a picture of the tank top. I looked at my camera roll to see how they were looking & then something happened….I looked at the picture & thought – DANG! Kasey, you look strong! photo(7)

#nofilter + my messy gym hair covering up the UA symbol but it’s there!

It was funny because I feel like sometimes we need little unplanned reminders that our efforts that we put into being healthy & strong are working. What’s beautiful is looking into the mirror with plans to take a picture of a tank top & then being surprised by how strong my back looks. And I don’t feel dumb saying “I look strong” because guess what – I know I am way stronger than I was a few years ago & have come a long way from the 5th grade anxiety driven Kasey to be happy and healthy now.

Too often we see the negative when mirrorlessmonday is about seeing the positives. I couldn’t help but want to bring back my MIRRORLESSMONDAY posts where I talked about not letting the mirror judge you! It’s not about not looking in the mirror at all;

it’s about looking in the mirror and
finding what you are proud of
instead of what you want to change.


I am proud of the hard work I put in to be stronger & be able to do things I was not able to do before. I am proud of wearing a super cute tank & being confident with the way I look in it. I am proud that I don’t worry as much about the outward appearance and focus more on how I feel on the inside and the strength I’ve gained.

What’s beautiful is seeing yourself in the mirror without a filter & seeing your true beauty.

So today I challenge you to combine these two challenges &
take a #nofilter (no edits) picture of you in the mirror
looking happy & beautiful because YOU are!

Like Under Armour says; speak it, show it, embody it.

When you post it to the website don’t forget to also post it to [twitter], [facebook], & [instagram] to share it with everyone and tag @UAWOMEN @POWERCAKES #FitFluential #WhatsBeautiful #IWILL

Be true to you & be proud of what you see in the mirror!

Today fill in the blank for your goal this week ….

#IWILL ________

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