I is for…Indian Food & CrossFit Inspiration.

February 9, 2013 -
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Goodmorning everyone! Happy Saturday! Winking smile

I wanted to share some “H” Highlights from yesterday’s Instagram posts!


Good job ladies!!! Today, I is for…


my first INDIAN Food Experience!

Two of my best friends & I have been trying a new restaurant every couple of weeks to branch out.

It’s been so fun – but almost nerve racking at the same time to try new types of foods that I’ve never had before.

indian food

We decided to try a local Indian restaurant that we heard such amazing reviews about.

We got there & were all nervous; laughing about how we all read the menu online about 40 times each.

Some words I was unsure of so I “googled” what they meant & I also asked my facebook followers for suggestions!

When we ordered- they asked what level of spicy we wanted. I said a 1 (low low spice).

I have a baby mouth & don’t do well with spicy, merp.

photo 32

After about 30 minutes of reading the huge menu, I ordered an eggplant based dish & it was served over family-style rice!

I do believe it was cooked in ghee – but hey, you gotta #beTRUEtoYOU & just embrace the experience!

Sarah got a chicken dish & so did Jackie! It was funny though because mine ended up being the spiciest! sorry mouth.

indian food 2

It was very good though & we were glad that we branched out! The serve was super nice & we had a really great experience.

Moral of the story – don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to try new #plantPOWER ingredients or restaurants!

There are so many options out there & you only live once, right! Winking smile

Also, Indian spices like Curry are now something that I want to start cooking with – they are yummy!

Have you ever tried Indian food?

I is also for INSPIRATION…

In this fitness/wellness community I am constantly inspired by others. 

Last night I was at my first CrossFit competition where some of the athletes from my gym were competing

talk about inspiring? These athletes are legit.

It was a “Sadie Hawkins” theme challenge where before each of the 3 workouts, the girls reached into a bag to pick out their guy partner.

Watching them perform was all I needed to be completely motivated to one day compete locally.

Here are some pics from the competition..


These girls did an awesome job & are totally inspiring.


Sarah & Keith – two athlete’s that have been doing CrossFit for a while.

Saying they are “powerhouses” would be an understatement.

Every athlete at the event was inspiring & I’m very happy with the decision to be a part of this awesome community.


Also, check my girl Heather’s post today!


& keep an eye out because TOMORROW is a HUGE GIVEAWAY [hint hint]

*You can enter all other giveaways until the end of the month!

So tell me, what inspires you lately?

What’s your favorite plant based “I” food?

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