February 9, 2018 -
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Happy Friday, friends!!

Recently I spent the day in NYC thanks to my friends at Tampax Pearl Active and Walgreens for their #GetInMotion campaign.


Since I live in Rhode Island, I’m about a 3 hour train ride to NYC and I was pumped for the adventure of a day.

I got to see “meet” in person my girl @AlexSilverFagan and it was so great to connect over lunch once I got there…plus, the food in NYC is always so amazing to me.

Alex & I have been blog friends for years and it’s always amazing to see friendships via online come full circle in real life.

IMG_2760 (1)

rom lunch, I headed right across the street to Studio 305 for the event hosted by Tampax Pearl Active and Walgreens where we did an awesome workout full of some high intensity dancing (yes, that’s a thing), weight lifting, core work, then finished with some partner work & yoga…all while having our own DJ for the workout!

That would be my group fitness instructor’s dream! I’m always trying to balance my music playlist with my classes so the DJ was so awesome to experience.


My partner Layla was a beast & had the most amazing hair, ever! Loved meeting all of these ladies.


I love trying new things that taking this class, especially in NYC, was such an awesome experience.

Speaking of trying new things — isn’t that what a new year is all about? YES! So, I want to challenge YOU to MOVE WITH ME this month of February!


Yes, jumping around your gym COUNTS! ;]

Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to go to a class for the first time or try a new move, but I swear once you take that step to SHOW UP for yourself, amazing things can happen…even if it’s just a stretch or yoga practice to center back in.

Did you know that it takes 21 days to form a habit?

The average menstrual cycle is 21-28 days, so this means that if you push through your period to stay consistent with your fitness routine, then you can reach these goals that much faster!



In partnership with Tampax Pearl Active and Walgreens, I’m participating in the #GETINMOTION challenge for the 28 days of February.

I’ve put together some of my TOP Stability Ball Exercises to inspire YOU to move with me with month!


Make sure to head over to my instagram to see the full video & updates on how I’ll #GETINMOTION this month!


Now, I’m all about rest days and giving your body recovery so 1 day could EASILY be YOGA or stretching and totally still counts with the hashtag because you’re focused on YOU and feeling strong in all ways.


The challenge is to simply MOVE every day for 28 days and not let your “time of the month” get in your way, especially with their new Tampax Pearl Active tampons.


Tampax Pearl Active tampons provide you with up to 100% leak free for your workouts, which makes them an awesome addition to this month of MOVEMENT!


How To #GETINMOTION with me:

Follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #getinmotion and post about how you’re moving each day in February.

I am giving away a year’s supply of Tampax Pearl Active!

Tag me (@powercakes) and @Tampax using the hashtag #GetInMotion in your sweat selfies to win a year supply of Tampax Pearl Active that you can carry around in your gym bag along with your other fitness favorites!


So, where can you buy Tampax Pearl Active?

My go to spot it Walgreen’s. There is always a Walgreen’s along the way within your commute and their feminine care aisle is always stocked with Tampax Pearl Active in all the different absorbencies.

Make sure you search for this new packing from Tampax Pearl Active! The box is white so it stands out on shelf and has these active ladies on the front. One’s running and one is striking a yoga pose.

Also you may or may not run into me at Walgreen’s (I’m obsessed.) If you’re into buying your tampons online, check out this link. I totally recommend buying the box that includes multiple absorbencies. This way you are protected from your heaviest days to your lightest.

Also, if you’re in the market for tampons right now, check out this awesome deal from Walgreen’s —> Buy 2 boxes of Tampax Pearl Active ALL for just $9.28 which means over $9.70 savings at Walgreens! Coupons are valid through 3/3/18.

Thank you TAMPAX for inspiring us to #GETINMOTION this February!

See you on Instagram with the hasthag, friends! XO

Be true to you,




Share below how you’ll join us this month!

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