Friday Favorites & Coupon Code! – Sugarless Sugar Baking Mix, Matcha Green Tea, & Gum!

October 2, 2015 -
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Hello my friends & happy Friday! :] It is super rainy here on the East Coast so I hope wherever you are you’ve got some vitamin D happening (cause I’d be jealous.)

Anywho – if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you KNOW that I love me some! I’ve posted about iHerb since I started my blog years ago and my love for the website hasn’t changed.

You can find anything on there from protein powders, peanut flour, nut butter, chapstick, lotions, discounted products, & many many more that are all under that category of “natural” – whatever your definition of that may be.

I order from there regularly because their shipping is literally SO fast and I can stock up on my favorites!

Recently I picked up some Sugarless Sugar which is a baking mix made of Erythritol & Stevia and is a perfect cup for cup alternative to regular sugar.


I also scooped up some Matcha green tea to start making at home latte’s! As well as stevia sweetened gum – because I’m a sucker for gum.

Some other favorites are VEGA Chocolate Protein Powder, Quest Bars, & Chia Seeds. I swear any product you’re looking for – iHerb has a good price!

Best part is if you use code XUG228  at checkout you can get $10 off any order over $40 or $5 off any order under $40! It’s a win-win people.

I’m off to get some recipes together for upcoming posts (you just wait!)

Be true to you,

xo Kasey




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