CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.2 Recap

March 21, 2013 -
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Truth; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Thanks to Albert Einstein, this quote is quite common.

So, since we’ve already talked about WOD 13.1, let’s talk about 13.2.

Sometimes in life, no matter the situation, things are difficulty. Whether it’s a workout, something with work, family issues, drama, or things just aren’t going your way…in the middle of that difficulty lies an opportunity for YOU to change the way you react to the situation. You have the power to create opportunity for yourself in difficult times.


One week ago, that difficulty was a workout, a challenge, and a task.


  • My initial thoughts were that the 75 lb shoulder to overhead was going to be my hardest point to break through each round.


  • The first 5 were good & then as my body got more tired, the harder it was to get that bar over my head.


  • Then around round 5, my face says it all…


  • The deadlifts were ok because 75lbs is not a heavy deadlift for most.


  • BUT, They did keep your heart rate elevated for sure.


  • The 15 box jumps turned into 15 step-ups!
  • As long as you opened your hips all the way up on top of the box, you were able to “step-up” one foot at a time.


  • I may or  may not have felt like I was in the middle of a Richard Simmons Aerobics class while stepping up to a beat each time.


  • When there was about 45 seconds left, my step-ups turned into box jumps when I was determined to finish the full round before time.


This basically sums up how everyone felt after the workout.

Although it was difficult, the opportunity was there to achieve our personal goals.

My final score was 210 (total of 7 full rounds) – which my goal was to break 200 reps so I was proud of myself!

Per usual, I want to show off some of my fellow crossfitters because they crushed it!











Shout out to this lovely lady Michele for taking some awesome pictures!




Last night, the announcement of WOD 13.3 came out & we will all be taking it on tonight.


Fact: I cannot do muscle ups, but do I feel defeated? Nope!
I plan to take on this task with power. And we all know I love to use that word.

Thanks to  my Pap for sending me this Quote of the day, it’s now my motivation for the next work out.

In life, we can’t control the tasks, but we can control our power.

It all lies within us, so go ahead and GET AFTER whatever your task is today!

Be true to you,

Red heart Kasey

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