#MirrorlessMonday – “Before & Current”

September 10, 2012 -
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hi all!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tomorrow is the big bootcamp!!
Don’t forget to e-mail me if you’re in the PGH area and want to join!

I had a nice relaxing weekend with the boyfriend;
my throats still acting funky so I’m not sure if it’s allergies or a sore throat!

But I get this thing I call a “sick neck” –
it’s a neck ache that’s different from a normal neck ache.

Ever since I was little, if I was getting sick, my neck always felt a certain way?
weird, maybe?

Anyway, It’s kinda a “sick neck” feeling so I haven’t been doing crazy cardio.
I had a great leg workout yesterday like this one,
and then this morning corey and I had an awesome
chest/shoulder/tricep workout with a lot of super setting to keep the Heart Rates up!

After our workout; I had some of nature’s candy
with a side of protein powder dip!
1 scoop of protein powder mixed with coconut milk until thick!

trying to make the most of fresh summer fruit since
it was like 55 degrees outside on our walk to the gym!
I love fall but always get bummed when summer is over!

So this morning I had a request via twitter to

This totally inspired me to post about being proud of what you see in the mirror
and not judging yourself when you see your reflection!

How inspirational was she!?

And right after I saw her tweet, I saw this tweet…

It was like meant to be that I saw these inspirational tweets back to back..
speaking of back to back, that’s what I chose to share with you today!

The BEFORE picture is from my first show ever from over 2 years ago
when I wasn’t really fueling my body properly, which I talk about here
The CURRENT picture was from last week after a back/bicep day!

I’m super proud of how much stronger I’ve become
& how I’m properly fueling my body now!

I think it’s so true to focus on before & current;
because when you say “AFTER” it may mean “end”
but that doesn’t mean once we hit our “after” that we should stop!

We should set new goals and continue to push ourselves to be healthier!
I think it’s just a positive way to look at things and see our progress!

So today look in the mirror and see what you’re proud of!
Let’s all see our progress and our “currents” today
and set new goals for a new “current” a little while from now!

So today send me a tweet and tell me what you’re proud of
or show me your BEFORE and CURRENTS via
#MirrorlessMonday @POWERCAKES

I’d love to hear what you’re proud of when you look in the mirror today!