Going 1 Degree Above

October 25, 2019 -
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This post is sponsored by Zappos, but as always, all opinions and words are my own. #betruetoyou

”When you can’t control what happened, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what happened. That’s where your power is.”


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Something happened last week that I didn’t want to post about right away because I feared what people would say and think, and then I realized how many people I’ve followed who have faced a challenge in their fitness journey, had to adapt, and have inspired me.

Then I thought, maybe by sharing my (small) challenge, I could help someone else out there.

While playing in a soccer game last week, my wrist took the brunt of a soccer ball after it was kicked by the goalie and ended up creating a small fracture in my wrist.


Update: I now have a lovely hard cast (that all my clients have signed!). There’s a first for everything in life, right!? First broken bone in 30 years.

It felt like a sprain at first and I shook it off and iced it but the following morning I quickly realized it may be more than that.

After getting x-rays and being told it’s a small fracture that will need about 4-6 weeks in cast, I instantly let myself get sad, angry, frustrated, and feared hearing “I told you so” as I do try my hardest to play safe and just have fun.

I’m not going pro at any point, but it’s such a fun release plus my all-women’s team is filled with a bunch of amazing women who I just love being around.

Ironically enough, 2 days before this, I tripped over a kettle bell that I had recently set up in the gym and landed on my wrist but was fine. Then the next day while walking with my client and looking behind me, I ran right into a pole and made another joke about how I’m an accident waiting to happen (my family and friends can attest to this my whole life).

Injuries can happen anywhere and it just so happens I was in the right place at the right time playing a sport I love to play.


361 Degrees Strata 3 in Mushroom/Granite

I could sit here and think about all of the reasons to be 1 degree more negative, think about the things I can’t do for 4 weeks (like who needs cute hair anyway!?) OR I can sit here and think about ALL of the ways I can be 1 degree more POSITIVE and focus on all of the things I CAN do.

The ball could’ve missed by 1 inch, I could’ve went into the game 1 minute later, but none of that is anything I can change.

When life throws a curve-ball, it’s about how we react to that curve-ball, even if that curve-ball is a super hard kicked soccer ball.

Thankful that I can still work, teach, move, play, & train in a new way for the next 4-6 weeks.


Maybe I could start focusing on building strength and better mobility in my weaker arm (hey lefty), go on more runs and walks, and truly focus on recovery better than ever.

Thankful I have an awesome Doctor, PT team to work with, & amazing family/friends/clients who are so supportive and positive. 


I can’t control what happened to me but I can control the way I respond to it. I’m CHOOSING to not let myself go negative 1 degree, but go above 1 degree.

Thank you 361 Degree Footwear for inspiring me with your message in a way I never planned, to get out there and move forward in not just a 360 degree change, but 361 degrees. Their message, ironically, couldn’t have come at a better time. 

361 Degree Footwear is sold on Zappos which I love because I literally had these shoes in 1 day after ordering. They have fast and free expedited shipping, 365 day returns, 24/7 customer service, & a huge selection to pick from like these super comfy & supportive Strata 3 shoes in mushroom & grey. 

These are a perfect neutral tone to match any outfit!


So who is ready to follow along for 4-6 weeks with a whole new challenge? I am.

How can you go above 1 more degree in an area of your life?

Keep smiling & be true to you,

xo Kasey

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